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$10 Amazon Gift Card! Easy Giveaway!


Help me CATapult  KITTY!!! (get it?!?!) to fame by voting for her in a Cutest Animal Contest!

Go to:

and comment that you would like#258 to win (using your Facebook).

Leave a comment on my post with your Facebook comment link and/or Facebook AND email address  and you will be entered in an easy $10 Amazon Gift Card giveaway!

Thanks for helping KITTY!!!!  become the Diva we all know she is…

KITTY'S Screen Debut!

Voting (and this contest) ends August 31st! One Entry per person. I will email the winner and they will have 48 hours to respond. Contest Ends on August 31st.

I haven’t been compensated in any way– I just want KITTY!!! to win!

How To Win Contests (part 2) PLUS! Enter My First Contest Ever!



KITTY!!!! wonders if you entered my contest yet...

So, you sat through (read through??) my last post on how to win contests.

I appreciate it!

Next up is how to win locally (which is my favorite). Most people know about radio contests (call in and win) but what a lot of people tend to forget is that many (if not all) radio stations and local news stations have contests on their websites.  Usually under the title Win! Or Contest! (Creative, I know…) you can find great local contests…

My wins have included (from local radio stations and local news stations)

  • Elliptical
  • Honda Scooter
  • Movie Passes

So, try that! Not many people know about them, so it’s great…

Okay, on to what is really important. Pictures of KITTTY!!!! (exclamation points added to capture her aura).

Just kidding…

My first contest giveaway EVER!

Drumroll please…

$35.00 Target Gift Card!

BAM! We go big or go home at DiscountChica

I have about three readers (Hi Mom!), so I am hoping this will expand my readership and spread the winning love (yuck, that sounds gross. Sorry).

So here’s how to win my fabulous FIRST CONTEST EVER!!!!

Mandatory Entry:

Comment on my post with one the following things (and, yes, you have to comment one of the following):

  • Your favorite contest site
  • What you learned from my enthralling contest posts
  • Tell me about your cat! (or dog or bird or baby) Pictures are a plus!

Extra entries!

  • Follow me on twitter (@discountchica) One  extra entry
  • Tweet about this contest and post the tweet link in your comment. You can do this once a day using this tweet: One extra entry per day!

Support @discountchica on her first blog giveaway! $35 Target Giveaway!

  • Follow me via RSS  TWO entries… so put two comments!
  • Follow me via email TWO entries… so put two comments!
  • Email me ( a wonderful picture of your pet (I won’t discriminate… dogs, birds, fish… and, to be fair, babies…) to post for my new feature CATURDAY NIGHT (where I will feature a picture of adorable animals). Leave me a comment that you did this.  This counts as 5 entries (so… 5 comments!)
  • Blog about me ! And KITTY!!! (I mean… the contest) 5 extra entries… and put a link to your blog!

Contest will end on 06/5/2011, Midnight! Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email! I was not compensated in anyway… although… Are you there, Target? It’s Me, DiscountChica! I love you!

Good luck!

PS- Make sure your email is visible!

Contest Alert! $50 Amex Giftcard Giveaway


Looking to add a little nice to the world? Enter The Suburban Jungle’s Little Miracle Contest to make the world a better place…

Contest Alert! $25 Amazon E-GC (ends 06/01/2011)


Head on over to Angie’s Reviews & Giveaways and enter your cute little butt in her contest!

Contest Alert! $200 Giveaway ends 05/25/2011


Head over to Eighty MPH Mom where you can win a $200 American Express gift card or 1 of 2 Country Crock Prize Packs!

Good luck!!

Flower Power (part 2)


One thing I love about the “blogosphere” (is that the correct word??) during holidays is the insane (and timely) giveaways that always seem to happen. Case in point… ANOTHER awesome flower contest from

Mother’s Day is no exception to the fabulous prizes that can be obtained through the land o’ blogs…

Enter at Granny Loves Gift Baskets for a Fields of Europe bouquet that can be given to that special lady in your life (including yourself. You deserve flowers too! You are awesome; have I told you that lately?! I love your hair. And that shirt! So flattering…)

Spring Flowers!


Mother’s Day is fast approaching!

This generally means (for my Mom and Grandma, at least) fresh flowers:

20 Rainbow Tulips from

To save a little money and spread a little joy Head over to Eighty MPH Mom where you can win a $50 ProFlowers Gift Certificate!