i love shoes. no matter how you are feeling (fat day, bad hair day, tired and i want to kill everybody day… shoes always look good).

I have an addiction of sorts…

as of right now, mine are all color coded based on type and displayed in my bedroom so I can see them.

my favorite site right now is (and, trust, I am NOT a big enough blogger where paid me to say this).  Their clearance section is out of control  (considering I am on a very limited budget… clearance is my friend).

They also have an amazing clothes section and men’s shoes (which have prices that are ridiculous… ridiculously good!).

Okay. Enough with the yapping. On to pictures! Of shooeees!!!

Below are the ones I.WANT.RIGHT.NOW

 Madden Girl Mimix    $21.98

Gabriella Rocha RB Safari-Z $17.60

Nine West Ambitious $31.03

Miss Me Vanity-2 $23.97

Michael Antonio Mckey $29.40

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