friday thought


I used to believe…

love is not enough.

It takes hard work and grit and luck and timing and the ability to move mountains.

And maybe that’s all true.

Maybe love alone can not occur in a vacuum.

Circumstance and life can create a journey that can become too difficult to navigate while preserving sanity

The journey is, at once, wonderful and hurtful. A journey that, at times, is pure blind faith.

The random chances that lead us to this place.

Because even though, I believe(d) that love is not enough.

I also believe that
And even if it doesn’t work the way you hoped, it did work…


for one brief, glorious, hopeful moment you weren’t in the trenches alone.

Life is scary and hard and difficult and lonely.


once in a while you get little reminders that you are not in this alone.

And that is why my new motto is

“Love will find a way through paths where wolves fear to prey.”

And it may not be the path that you like. Or how you like it. Or when you like it.

But love creates the path that is best for you.

Love will move the mountains.

Somebody will move mountains for you.

And if it/they/life/love can’t

(for whatever reason)

you have to move the mountains yourself.

And somehow, they will find you.

And if they don’t or can’t or won’t

love will still find you

(even if it’s in the form of cat…)

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  1. I absolutely love this; probably my favorite post so far even though I can’t win a prize. Maybe I already won. Who knows. 😉

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