secret shame


I am coming out and admitting things that I love that I probably shouldn’t.

Things that are dorky, bad for me, embarrassing…

plain and simple awful.

things that when my best friend hears that I love them exclaims “DiscountChica! I can’t be friends with you!”

(actually she uses my real name and probably swears. But you get the drift…)

Hopefully- I am not the only one that has secret shames. PLEASE! Delurk. Say your secret shame. Blog about it… comment… tweet.. email!

And don’t judge. Because he who throws the first stone… has their DVR set to Bad Girls Club.

Don’t lie.

1.  Bad and unfunny TV shows. I only have basic cable so I tend to watch awful TV shows. A LOT. And it turns out… I kinda of like them. Especially Reba.

I have no defense with this one

2. I love Gummi Hamburgers that I can usually only find at random gas stations. It’s literally the grossest looking type of candy in the world but they are my favorite. Although, most of the time I’m too embarrassed to buy them because, you know, I’m almost 30.


Again, I'm almost 30. I have no defense. But seriously... have you heard "Baby"?!?

4. I have never seen Dirty Dancing, Star Wars, or Mystery Science Theater 3000.       

part two of this secret shame: I have no desire to EVER see these movies

I will keep adding my shames as I think about them (or am trying to find way to hide them).

In the meantime… your turn!

Comment or send me an email (discountchica @ gmail dot com) and I will feature them in my next Secret Shame post…

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  1. Gossip Girl was my secret shame for a long time. and before that Dawson’s creek…… what else…. hmmmm, Pedicures.

  2. Reba? Really? And you’ve never seen dirty dancing?

    Although I have to admit i have Bieber on my iPod.And I turn it up when it comes on.

    And then roll up my windows.

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