for some, it starts out with a bang


I found this series Real People in Love on the blog adventures in love and happiness and the following love story was so amazing, I had to re-post it and re-direct you to the series.

I am in awe  of this couple’s story. The way Suze (from Girl Wizard) describes the love between her and Shawn… amazing.

Now, I am admit I can be a little emotional but this quote brought tears to my eyes:

For some, it starts out with a bang. For others, it starts out as a humble seed. If you water it, give it sunlight, foot rubs, laughter, traditions, imbue it with personal and sometimes private– just between the two of you– meaning, it grows into something you never would have expected: a beautiful life.

What a phenomenal love story.. check out the full post HERE.  Suze’s description of her best day ever gave me goosebumps…
Thank you Cole for sharing!
and please check out adventures in love and happiness!

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