not your average girl (in the video…)


I read this post from Kristin and was inspired!

Maybe it’s the weather and the heat is getting to me but I am ready to make a list of what I like about me!

What do you like about yourself? It’s easy to get bogged down in the negative … to dwell on what isn’t, instead of celebrating WHAT IS

It turns out Ciao Mom had a contest going where you LINK UP to your posts about what you like about yourself…

I’m a day late but I still love the idea…

So.. here we go!


  1.  My freckles… whenever the sun comes out, it’s a constellation of sorts.
  2. My laugh. It’s loud and hearty and I’ve been prone to snort.
  3. My google kung-fu master skills:  Need to know something ASAP? I’m your gal.
  4. How I cry at anything: commercials, movies, a fight, a memory. I am overly sensitive  and while that can be… hard sometimes, I think it makes me  in tune with the feelings of people around me.
  5. How when I love, I love hard.
  6. My hands and feet: They are very tiny and my nails (I have been told) look like baby nails
  7. My tendency to over think: I am a thinker through and through.  Even when I am quiet, I am analyzing.
  8.  My love of new things: I get antsy doing the same thing and I love adventure. I have never not been in school or classes or learning new things.
  9. My smile; slightly crooked and off-kilter, with a tooth the sticks out a little
  10.   My eyes. I have been told those are my best feature…

So now you!

Blog about it or leave a comment: but celebrate you! I know cheesy… but still:

what do you like about you?

Brag a bit!

3 responses »

  1. I like my ability to be a ghost in a shell. Well and I like that people always look at me like they’ve known me forever or like i’m some famous person but they just can’t make out what they know me from…. used to creep me out but i’m getting used to it.

  2. Im a thinker,try to take it to the next level,I get back up when I fall,I have a deep love for music & can always find a song for anything,I have a amazing daughter,I can laugh at myself,I like clean, I like pretty,My sense of smell,I want to stay current,I believe in my right to live my life as I want,& try to even when its against the norm,I dont let other people define me,even when I fall,I believe in real mistakes & pretend mistakes,my crazy hair,I have learned to like almost everything about me,its taken along time,and thats the thing I like about me the most! Such a great idea & u said it so well,thank u!

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