Tiny Little Things


I am love with the advice of Sugar at the Rumpus.  Her writing is so good, it almost hurts.

In column, a reader wrote in asking for advice about what you would tell your 20-something self if you could talk to her now (Sugar is 40).

She says something that sometimes is so hard to fully believe: you deserve and have the right to the tiny beautiful things.

Sugar says it way better than I do:

One hot afternoon during the era in which you’ve gotten yourself ridiculously tangled up with heroin you will be riding the bus and thinking what a worthless piece of crap you are when a little girl will get on the bus holding the strings of two purple balloons. She’ll offer you one of the balloons, but you won’t take it because you believe you no longer have a right to such tiny beautiful things. You’re wrong. You do.


In honor of the small things, every so often I will post things I deserve, you deserve, we all deserve together.

Those tiny little things that make life a little more worthwhile and a little sweeter….

Maybe in the comment section you will post a something that makes your life a little more livable (and blog about it if you’d like).

Without further ado:

My tiny beautiful things of the week:

nap with the one you love

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