(Almost the) Weekend Etsy Love



Every time I post my finds on Etsy, I secretly hope that somebody I know (or random stranger; it doesn’t matter… well, actually… it kinda does… let’s be honest) will realize how amazing I am (because I am. But so are you! We all are and all deserve pretty things from those we love) and send me a fabulous something from my favorite website EVER…

Don’t judge me. It’s such a girl thing, I know… here let me write a blog post to cajole somebody into buying something for me. Don’t judge me!


Here we go… what I wish I HAD RIGHT THIS SECOND!

  1. Autumn Kiss  Necklace from Tina Tarnoff.

Combines my favorite things: silhouettes, fall, kissing, and the lifting-up-your-one-leg-because-you-are-so-in-love pose.

2. Tiny Hand Stamped Boom Box by BragAboutIt

For those with fat laces and a dapper sense of style

3. Gold Bird and Branch Lariat Necklace by RoseandRavin

Just because I had to Google what a Lariat is, doesn’t mean this necklace isn’t to DIE for!

4. Love On A Limb by cegolden

I am feeling very love-y today…. that’s all I really have to say about this adorable necklace.


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