Month of June-Birchbox! What I got in my box!


Yay for Makeup!

(who laughed at my title? I did!)

I got home today and what was waiting for me? My June BIRCH BOX! For $10, Birchbox sends you samples of FANCY makeup (and fancy is my middle name).

Yay! I didn’t bother blogging about my May one because, frankly it was, blegh.  All I got was yellow eyeshadow and a perfume sample; I am assuming that something got left out during picking and shipping.   As disappointed as I was, I thought I would give it another shot… and I am glad I stuck around (unlike that bad boyfriend that kissed a little to well but was actually the biggest juice box [juicebox = 2011 douche],  amiright ladies??!?!)

Okay, without further ado… what I have in my box! (oh, god…it’s taking all my energy to laugh like a 7th grade boy at that last sentence):

Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten Compact (as a zombie, I appreciate this)

Pangea Oragnics Facial Toner (Italian Lime Mandarin & Sweet Lime)

Oscar Blandi lio di jasmine Hair Serum

I received, in little sample sizes:

Kate Spade Twirl Perfume (tagline for the perfume:  she had a cocktail in hand and confetti in her hair. I realize that Kate Spade was trying to conjure up a magical pixie girl with little bits of confetti laying perfectly in her hair from New Years Eve.  I wish I could be THAT girl.   In reality, if that was me… I would have drunk eyes, smeared mascara, and confetti actually IN my drink [not my hair. My hair would be sweaty from all the dancing]. But I see where Kate was going…)

The Stripper To Go (I know, I know. I thought the same thing. A stripper? To go? Isn’t that like an escort?  What does that have to do with makeup? I feel uncomfortable carrying that around. Considering this month’s theme is “Travel”, how do I explain that to security when I fly?  “Don’t worry, it’s just my pocket stripper…. no, she doesn’t have ID… does YOUR pocket stripper have ID?”  Actually, it’s a nail polish remover… so no worries about how your pocket stripper and the TSA will interact).

So! for $10 bucks, I say I did well!

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