How To Win Contests (part 2) PLUS! Enter My First Contest Ever!



KITTY!!!! wonders if you entered my contest yet...

So, you sat through (read through??) my last post on how to win contests.

I appreciate it!

Next up is how to win locally (which is my favorite). Most people know about radio contests (call in and win) but what a lot of people tend to forget is that many (if not all) radio stations and local news stations have contests on their websites.  Usually under the title Win! Or Contest! (Creative, I know…) you can find great local contests…

My wins have included (from local radio stations and local news stations)

  • Elliptical
  • Honda Scooter
  • Movie Passes

So, try that! Not many people know about them, so it’s great…

Okay, on to what is really important. Pictures of KITTTY!!!! (exclamation points added to capture her aura).

Just kidding…

My first contest giveaway EVER!

Drumroll please…

$35.00 Target Gift Card!

BAM! We go big or go home at DiscountChica

I have about three readers (Hi Mom!), so I am hoping this will expand my readership and spread the winning love (yuck, that sounds gross. Sorry).

So here’s how to win my fabulous FIRST CONTEST EVER!!!!

Mandatory Entry:

Comment on my post with one the following things (and, yes, you have to comment one of the following):

  • Your favorite contest site
  • What you learned from my enthralling contest posts
  • Tell me about your cat! (or dog or bird or baby) Pictures are a plus!

Extra entries!

  • Follow me on twitter (@discountchica) One  extra entry
  • Tweet about this contest and post the tweet link in your comment. You can do this once a day using this tweet: One extra entry per day!

Support @discountchica on her first blog giveaway! $35 Target Giveaway!

  • Follow me via RSS  TWO entries… so put two comments!
  • Follow me via email TWO entries… so put two comments!
  • Email me ( a wonderful picture of your pet (I won’t discriminate… dogs, birds, fish… and, to be fair, babies…) to post for my new feature CATURDAY NIGHT (where I will feature a picture of adorable animals). Leave me a comment that you did this.  This counts as 5 entries (so… 5 comments!)
  • Blog about me ! And KITTY!!! (I mean… the contest) 5 extra entries… and put a link to your blog!

Contest will end on 06/5/2011, Midnight! Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email! I was not compensated in anyway… although… Are you there, Target? It’s Me, DiscountChica! I love you!

Good luck!

PS- Make sure your email is visible!

297 responses »

  1. Alright! Part 2 looks promising. I hope to get my first big win right here right, well when you draw.

    I have a wonderful Westie named Ronin who runs the block and likes treats. She knows a few tricks but only really listens to me and one person who taught her to shake.

  2. I have a cat named Franny who sleeps under the covers with me! My cat Millie forgets where she is and meows at us from the other end of the house until we remind her where we are. And Barney the dog hates bicycles and motorcycles.

  3. I have one of the weirdest cats EVER! He has OCD and seems to have a love hate relationship with me. He loves to eat and besides sleep thats the one thing he does well.

  4. I never knew about winning on radio stations websites before… thanks for the heads up. Winning can be so easy sometimes, you just have to find the time to enter and WIN!!!! Your an inspiration to me by showing how easy it is to do so! Thanks discountchica, your the best!!

    P.S. I love the picture of Kitty with Oreck in the background.

  5. I retweeted this contest… not sure how to link it. but since you follow me on twitter I bet you can verify. [4th entry]

  6. I have two cats that are actually sisters. Their names are Angel & Ally, and I have had them since they were 7 weeks old, they will always be my babies.

  7. I love entering contests on blogs, because it seems like you have a better chance of wining then on big national brand sweepstakes!

    I have two kitties – a boy, Harley, grey tabby and a girl, Jewel calico!

  8. Hi! My favorite giveaway site is although there are a lot of good ones!
    sarah at

  9. I have a 10 year old Collie/Shepard mix who’s anything but a senior doggy! He runs and plays with the kiddos and never seems to tire out. Hoping to have him in our family for many more years to come!

  10. I LOVE my boxer. He is about a year and a half but 100% pure energy. He farts,snores,sneezes and doesn’t listen but we love him anyway 😉

  11. My favorite contest site is Thanks, Mail Carrier. I learned from your contest posts where some of the other giveaway linky sites are.
    I’ve had a cat since I was in my last year of college, 99′, and he’s still alive and kicking. My children love him. He actually looks a lot like the cat in your header.

  12. My favorite sweepstakes site is under their contest/sweepstakes forum! Also we have a very loveable Boxer named Cash that is just like one of our kids 🙂

  13. No cats here, both my husband and I are allergic to them but we do have 2 dogs, Cori and Leo. They are brother and sister but from different litters. They were my first babies and are such an important part of my life. I wish they would bark a little less but otherwise they are great dogs!

    lizgiver at gmail dot com

  14. We have a Schipperke named Shadow…very hyper, and she can jump about 4 feet high! Working on obedience training, and she is learning slowly but surely 🙂

  15. I have a pug dog named Abby -she is such a good girl and everyone loves her. We also have a crazy kitten named Shadow who thinks he’s a baby – his favorite places to sleep are our 4 month old baby’s bouncy seat, the baby playmat, the crib, etc.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I have a 6-year-old orange tabby cat named Oshii, which is Japanese for “precious”. He is the sweetest cat in the world!!

  17. I have two cats. Mokey is my senior male kitty and we still haven’t named the kitten we rescued on Monday. She is a 6 week old ball of energy!

  18. I have a gold fish. It’s name is Shrek…it was popular at the time. I don’t feed it very often because I am always out of town, but he is still alive. AMAZING.

  19. I like You can spend literally ALL DAY entering contests listed on that site, haha. vmvazquez83 at yahoo dot com

  20. My fave site is Online Sweepstakes. I’ve won a few myself 🙂 The main thing is to be persistent. And sometimes it takes months to get a prize, so even if you thought you didn’t win, you get a nice little package in the mail that you didn’t expect.

  21. Thank you for giving us this opportunity … and congrats on your first ever contest! Okay, from your posts I learned about radio/news station contests … just like you said, I knew about the call-ins but didn’t know about the website … I’m checking those out as soon as I leave here! 🙂 My cat, Isabelle, is just a loveable little thing … she decides that it’s time for a “pay attention to your cat” break so she lays across my keyboard. Works every time!
    reducefootprints at gmail dot com

  22. Mandatory entry: we have a precious (to us) deer chihuahua, white. He’s skinny and quirky and has floppy ears. He is like a lovable and grumpy old man, but mostly lovable. Perfect with our two preschoolers.

  23. My favorite site for giveways is Koupon Karen! Her site isn’t just about giveaways but she has plenty of them!

  24. My favorite contest site is

    I learned you want/need more readers 🙂

    I have 1 orange kitty named Thomas O’Malley (The Alley Cat)…he’s almost a year old and likes to play fetch 🙂

  25. Your favorite contest site

    sweeps listed on freebies4mom

    What you learned from my enthralling contest posts

    like the reminder about local contests on websites!!

    Tell me about your cat! (or dog or bird or baby) Pictures are a plus!

    little shih tzu dog, yoshi!

  26. My kitties are named celia and nancy from the show weeds. I didn’t name them, the adoption place did, but I liked the names….they are 2 adorable black and white kitties! Your kitty is so cute too!

  27. My avatar is of my doggy Lexi. She is 14 this year. She is a Cockapooter

    cocker spaniel, poodle, terrier mix.

    I love her. she is the best doggy ever!

    baazinga9 at yahoo dot com

  28. My favorite contest site is the contest forum at Probably because it is the one that got me started entering contests, but it is my favorite.

  29. Favorite Contest site: Airplanes & Dragonflies & Tightwad in Utah, bioth daily Low Entry posts!
    Love your reminder on Low Entry Posts..I win on those alot also! Anf never knew of Twaitter! Thanks!
    I have 1 (I think mentally retarded) Lab, I love her to death, but I always ask the vet if any research yet for the OCD, forgetfull dog! 🙂

  30. I have a cat named Harley. We got her from an animal shelter and my friend suggested she was a “biker” cat since she had a tattoo (the shelter had tattood her ID # on her) so we named her Harley!

  31. i have 2 cats and 3 dogs 🙂

    and i would send pics…..but i dont know how to get them from my phone to my computer 🙂 or i would send one 🙂

  32. I have two cats that we adopted from animal control when they were babies. I don’t know their breeds but one is a skinny short hair, Lucy, and the other is a solid medium hair, Katie, cat. We chose them because Lucy had spots on her body and Katie had stripes. Was too perfect.

  33. I have a chicken I inherited from my nephew. He received it for Easter a few years back and quickly lost interest once he grew up. So now we also have a pet chicken! We just finished building his coop, though when I am home he gets to be a free range chicken, so to speak, in my house.
    Oh well, at least we have hard wood floors.

  34. I have a WONDERFUL and AMAZING Cat! His Name is SPOOKY-Licious. He is (6) Years Old, but he acts like a Baby — not an Adult Cat. His name is actually Spooky, but we call him Spooky-Licious. He is PRECIOUS! He is actually much more like a DOG than a CAT. He fetches toys and carries them back to you. He follows me around everywhere just like a Dog. He likes to chase me around, race me (and try to run in front of me), and do sneak attacks on me. He does the FUNNIEST things I have ever seen a Cat do. I call him a “COG”, which means “C” for Cat and “D” for Dog — put together. He is definitely *NOT* all Cat! LOL!! 🙂 🙂

    aliaskys (at) yahoo . com
    Thank You!! 🙂

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