How To Win Contests…. (part 1)


I love winning contests… and, frankly, I am good at it.   I don’t have a lot of money and winning is a form of shopping for me…

To be honest, I started this blog to help my chances (and to post pictures of my cat… it’s a sickness, I know…)

So, after posting for a while (and trying my hardest to win a iPad; which hasn’t happened YET)…. I thought I do a couple posts on how I win. And hopefully, get a few tips from my readers (Hi Mom! Thank you for commenting on everything!).

After I post my tips… I will be running my first contest of my own! Since I have about three readers (again, Hi Mom!) we shall see how this works…
How to Start

  • Create a contest email. Different than your personal email, one that doesn’t show your full name (because you will be posting on people’s blogs, you probably don’t want your name splashed across the internet. Unless you are Oprah or Dooce. Than splash away.) Make sure your email address is visible when you comment.
  • Create a twitter account. This is my best tool in winning. Most blog contests have daily tweet entries… and that’s how, in my experience, you win!
  • Speaking of twitter, posting daily tweets can be annoying. However, using a site like Twaitter can make it much easier. Schedule your tweets and have them “post” to your twitter daily (or hourly!) until the contest is over.  Each morning, wake up, log onto twitter and cut/copy the URL of the tweet onto the comment section of the blog and you are done!
  • Find a couple of sites that are your “main sites” for contests. After much trial and error around, I have found that Deal Seeking Mom, Sugar Pop Ribbons, and Eighty MPH Mom are my favorite for giveaway “linkys” (the term used where other blogs post their contests) and have a great contests of their own.  However, that is just my preference… any other suggestions of good “contest” blogs??
  • Also, start keeping an eye out for low entry giveaways.  Under 100 entries? Great shot to win! I literally googled Low Entry Giveaways and found Mom Bloggers Club and Tight Wad in Utah.
  • Follow all instructions! If the contest says a mandatory entry is being a GFC (Google Friend Connect) follower, do it! They check… trust me!
  • Sometimes it’s confusing (or at least for me..) following the instructions. But if it says (for example): Two entries if you tweet this contest then post TWO comments with a link to your twitter! Don’t lose out on entries! Just put tweet #1 and tweet #2 (in the comments

Stayed tuned for part 2!

Any other suggestions??

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