Review: Garnier – Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller


I have always had very dark circles under my eyes.  Considering my skin tone can only be described as translucent, these circles have always been the bane of my existence… a dark spot in my life (and my face ).

As a makeup, lotion, and serum enthusiast I tried Garnier – Anti-Dark-Circle Eye Roller with great expectations.  I mean Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn’t lie to me… would she?

 Turns out… she would!

Well, maybe not lie… EXACTLY.

Exaggerate, yes.

Pray on my inability to NOT believe false promises, yes. 

Lie… who can say??

The Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller is okay. It’s a concealer (in a fancy package… ooh! Shiny ball!) with one concealer color (sheer tint) that is too dark for the rest of my skin.  I mean, sure it covers my circles but what concealer doesn’t?

I want a lotion/potion/magic wand that actually diminishes the circles. This product only (kinda) covers them. After ten days, I certainly don’t see any new brightness to my eyes. 

Sorry SJP. Stick to making fragrances…

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